As to be expected, this week’s State of the Union speech provided a lot of fodder for late night talk shows. But since President Barack Obama’s address was Tuesday night and a few of these shows tape during the day, we didn’t get to hear most of the jokes until last night. Unless, of course, you thought the speech was Monday and were fooled by Jimmy Kimmel. Check out some of late night’s best bits on the speech.

“Jimmy Kimmel Live”
On Tuesday’s show, Kimmel got plenty of reactions to the State of the Union from people – even though it had yet to happen. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet? If you’re being interviewed about something you don’t know anything about, don’t pretend you do. You will get caught.

“The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”
Pharrell’s infamous Grammy Awards hat and Daft Punk’s iconic robot helmet made it into Leno’s monologue on President Obama’s speech Tuesday night. He prodded Fox News, saying the channel considers the speech, “Lame Duck Dynasty.”

“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”
Since the show is taped in the afternoon, Stewart joked about not watching the speech on Tuesday’s episode. However, he had plenty of jokes to fire off on Wednesday’s show, noting that the president pulled out individual American’s stories (as politicians are known to do) and joking, “Oh boy, looks like he’s going to mention everybody in America by name.”

“Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”
On Wednesday’s show, Fallon compared Obama’s promise “to focus on economic growth, education, and healthcare” to television re-runs in his opening monologue.

“The Colbert Report”
Like Fallon, Colbert talked about Joe Biden being a distraction, particularly by “pointing at a dude he met in an airport Chili’s the night before.”