After Saturday Night Live and Bill Nye, of course Kim Kardashian West, queen of our times, weighed in on Deflategate to USA Today’s For The Win this week. Kim commented on the controversy, her admiration for Gisele and her good-natured vanity. Her main message for those panicking about Deflategate? Chill out.


“It’s an interesting story,” she told the source. “I think they played well. They deserve the spot, and you know I don’t really know … If it’s rumors that happened, if it’s fact or just if that’s really what happens. I’m excited to watch the game. I don’t really feed into all of that, sometimes I just think it’s hype.”

On contemporary model/careerwoman/Pats wife Gisele Bundchen, Kardashian West had nothing but good things to say, specifically of the star’s wardrobe. 

“I like seeing the girls get all dressed up for the guys to see their game,” she shared. 


High praise, boo.

Kim can be found next on nearly every website, magazine cover and billboard in America, and also in this hilarious T-Mobile ad that will be aired during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

[h/t For the Win]