Dropkick Murphys frontman Ken Casey’s restaurant collection continues to grow.

The Milton-native and vocalist/bassist is part of a team that will buy and renovate the Lower Mills Pub in Dorchester this summer. He told the Dorchester Reporter that it will reopen as “a family-friendly, neighborhood place” and will continue to be among the few in the neighborhood hosting live music. He envisions the pub featuring traditional Irish acoustic sets.

Casey is no stranger to being a restaurateur. He also owns McGreevey’s on Boylston Street and Whiskey Republic in Providence, both of which have become extremely popular.

Taniya Nayak, an interior designer and wife of Casey’s business partner, will also be part of the process and is excited for the new venture.

“We’re not turning it into a sushi joint,” he said. “My whole thing with all these places, my favorite part is designing it. A big part of it for me, obviously, will be to have some music in there. We’ll want to build on what the pub has been and make it better.”

[h/t Dorchester Reporter and Eater Boston]