lot happened during Katy Perry’s halftime show.

Watch the full video here, and prepare for a ton of visual stimulation:

First, Queen Katy emerged from her dressing room/space lair on a gigantic chrome lion puppet, wearing what looked like a Guy Fieri leisure suit.

giphy (7)

She goes right in on “Roar.” This will not be the last time she opts for very obvious (but cool) imagery.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 8.17.50 PM

This huge puppet was manned by what appeared to be twenty people clad completely in black. We imagine their conversation went something like this:

Puppeteer A: “Remember when we did bunraku and weren’t huge sellouts?”
Puppeteer B: “Remember when we didn’t have health insurance.”

Next, Perry we moved onto a series of dancers wearing these chrome horse heads for “Dark Horse,” because Katy’s face is the only face and any threat to her Guy Fieri leisure suit WILL NOT STAND.


Next, she and Lenny Kravitz took on “I Kissed a Girl,” even though it’s only controversial when she sings it in 2006, and not when either of us sing it now. Pass the cherry chapstick regardless.

giphy (5)

Next up? The fastest costume change in the history of costume changes.

giphy (3)

Many Twitter users couldn’t help but notice her dress’s resemblance to the Hot Dog Stick fast food chain, but the relevant part is that the whole thing took place in a fever dream landscape where sharks can sing and beach balls vaguely resemble the M&M mascots.

giphy (6)

Unlike the puppeteers, these guys are majorly on board and completely terrifying.

Then, SURPRISE, it’s Missy Elliot singing “Work It.” This part was good!

giphy (8)

Finally, Katy sings “Firework,” and, in case you are wondering, YES there were real fireworks because of course there were.

giphy (2)

Many folks on Twitter pointed to the fact that the “firework” Katy rode looked really familiar.

All jokes aside, the Super Bowl halftime show is supposed to be big and shiny. This year’s delivered. Congrats, Katy Perry!

The 2013 headliner salutes you.

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