It’s as if bankrupt Boston-based e-commerce site Karmaloop were the fairest dame at the debutante ball, as hip-hop mogul Damon Dash continues to spread the news that he’s buying the company with Kanye West.

Just after midnight, Dash and West posted a series of three videos on Instagram announcing their plan to buy the company, pinging a series of major fashion news outlets in the descriptions. Dash first revealed his interest Monday in a video interview with Hip Hop Motivation, just before the 15-year-old company released a statement announcing their official filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Dash said the plot to acquire Karmaloop aligns with his intent to rival Marc Ecko’s Complex empire.

But just as founder Greg Selkoe told us Monday, and in a statement reaffirmed via e-mail to us today:

“As we confirmed earlier this week, Kanye and Dame are among several people we’ve spoken with about Karmaloop. We’re having a lot of conversations and seeing intense interest in our brand.”

Ouch. But the Instagram videos still live on.

Let me loosely transcribe them for you:

A video posted by @duskopoppington on

Dash: So you know we just about to do some new shit, you know, stick together culturally, and take over the world, create a whole new industry. You know what I mean? Just play the game fair. You know, honorable people stick together, so, you know? This is how the generations do. Man, he’s super famous. 

West: *Blink*

A video posted by @duskopoppington on

Dash: [something something overlap] We decided to go buy Karmaloop. We just talked about it. So it’s gonna happen. And a couple of other cool things.

West: *Sniff*

A video posted by @duskopoppington on

Dash: We ain’t doing no music unless that’s for fun. Right?

West: Yeah.

Dash: Only big baller stuff. But it’s real.

West: Yeah.

Dash: My man. I appreciate it.

West: I love you, man.

Dash: I love you, too. Look how we do it.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

West: *Chuckles*