The Internet blew up today because a photo surfaced of Kanye West on vacation after riding a zip-line. If the sickened look on his face said anything, Kanye probably didn’t think the whole situation was as hilarious as we all think it is. This photo is an example of what we in the semi-serious content creation industry call a lemon, and when life gives you lemons, you make pictures of Kanye West not feeling too great about really anything. Some examples are below, and if you feel so inclined, make your own Boston-related Kanye pics and send them our way. We’d be happy to share them.

Kanye feeling a bit queasy due to the unsound architecture of City Hall.

Kanye can’t believe what he’s heard about an NKOTB reality show. To be quite honest, it’s making him a bit uneasy.

Even Kanye feels cheated for staying up so late for the game last night.

Kanye trying to shake off his hangover on the patio at Whiskey Priest. Seriously though, does that ever work?

Kanye just really can’t believe that someone could be so heartless. Who would punch Keytar Bear?

Not Boston related, but Drake, SMDH.