This is not a cheesy, Top 40, bubblegum list of songs. This is a list of some of my favorite love songs. I put them on my honey’s mix CD; you can do the same.

Making a mix for your loved one is a great Valentine’s gift. Something to play while making your someone a special dinner, or while relaxing by the fire, you get the idea. However you and your loved one decide to spend V-Day, I’d like to help get you started. You take care of the rest.

Roxy Music “Love is the Drug”

Released in 1975, from Roxy Music’s fifth album. The quintessential crooner, Bryan Ferry’s breathy, sultry vocals suck you in and, before you know it, your knees are knocking and you’re ready to get the love party started.

The The “Love is Stronger Than Death”

Matt Johnson wrote this song as therapy after the death of his brother. It was released on the ‘Dusk’ album in 1993. Even though the song was written under grief and horrible circumstances, “love is stronger than death” might be how you feel about your partner: that your love is everlasting even when you are no longer together.

Catherine Wheel “Heal”

Catherine Wheel was one of my favorite bands of the early 90’s. Lead singer Rob Dickinson was not only handsome, he had a voice that could melt butter. Sadly, the band never really got the recognition I think they deserved. On this track, the lyrics “Everyone needs someone to live by…everyone needs someone…” send shivers down my spine. And yes, you can totally make out to this song…just sayin’.

Guided By Voices “Hold On Hope”

Robert Pollard is one of the greatest American songwriters of our time. GBV formed in 1983 and have released over 20 albums, with two new discs coming out this year. Although the members have changed over the years, the one constant is Bob Pollard. “Hold on Hope” was released on “Do The Collapse” in 1999 and has been featured on numerous TV shows. “Reaching out for a hand that we can’t see…everybody’s got a hold on hope…it’s the last thing that’s holding me.” When I think of love songs, this song always comes to me. Hoping and keeping the faith that love will prevail is how I read this song. But that’s just me.

Kodaline “All I Want”

“All I want is nothing more…to hear you knocking at my door…’cause if I could see your face once more…I could die a happy man I’m sure.” With lyrics like this, how could you not look into your lovers’ eyes and shed a tear? “So you brought out the best of me…a part of me I’d never seen…you took my soul and wiped it clean…our love was made for movie screens.” Love so deep and strong, this song is wanting and yearning for more. Although a break up song by nature, the song talks about a love so deep and so intense it deserves to be included. Here’ s the band preforming the song Live in the Lab:

Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovers out there. You’ll find some more of my faves below. My suggestion is to serve this mix with chocolate.

Snow Patrol with Martha Wainwright “Set Fire To The Third Bar”

Death Cab For Cutie “I Will Follow You Into The Dark”

The Waterboys “The Whole Of The Moon”

U2 “Two Hearts Beat As One”