Father’s Day is right around the corner, and with a closet full of ties and a drawer full of golf balls, you’ll want to do something different for this year’s gift. So…mix tape! Or CD. Or playlist. Depends on how tech-savvy dear old dad is. Of course, I have some suggestions.

After Jeff Tweedy’s mom died, he penned this song for his dad.

Jerry Cantrell wrote this song for his dad, who served in Vietnam. “Rooster” is the first-person account of a soldier wondering about his wife and child back home.

Eric Avery wrote the lyrics of the Jane’s Addiction song “Had A Dad” after learning that the man he thought was his biological father actually wasn’t.

Add some local flavor to the mix with this:

James Allan of Glasvegas wrote “Daddy’s Gone” about the father who left him. A sad song to add to the mix, but there’s a sliver lining, as James swears he’ll grow up to be a better man than his dad was.

Any excuse to add Cheap Trick to the mix, right? “Daddy’s all right…”

Was Not Was has an annoyingly funny song that will make your dad smile.

Or maybe the Was Not Was cover of “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” will drive dad a little less crazy?

Here’s a few more:

End dad’s mix with The Man In Black.