Well, it looks as if Jon Stewart is making the most of his last months at The Daily Show with a series of bizarre appearances, including his crotch-kicking fantastic moment at WWE Monday Night Raw.

What you need to know: Jon Stewart kicked Seth Rollins in the balls.


What you might not know: he did it for charity.

Stewart is currently in the throes of promoting the “Night of Too Many Stars” special on Comedy Central, which uses his satirical powers for good and raises millions of dollars annually for autism programs across the US.  WWE couldn’t hand a plug to him that easily, though – instead, he and wrestler Seth Rollins struck up a fake rivalry in classic WWE style and fought dirty.

It all began on February 16, when Rollins called Stewart out as a subpar host on Monday Night Raw:

Gauntlet so thrown, Stewart defended his throne as the king of the satirical newscast with an equally silly, scripted retort:

Nice gravelly voice, Jon.

Rollins can’t contractually take that sitting down, and so the battle continued last Thursday on The Daily Show, where Rollins yanked Stewart into a headlock:


On the same show, Rollins issued Stewart the ultimate challenge of appearing on Monday Night Raw this week, one the Daily Show host meekly accepted in an inauthentic scripted feud that only the WWE could produce.

Finally, the night arrived, and Rollins riffed on Stewart in a fake Daily Show broadcast he hosted:

He roasted Stewart with glee, taking hits at Stewart’s directorial debut Rosewater and his lukewarm Oscars hosting job:

“Jon Stewart… he talked a pretty tough game when I was on his turf, but since then, much like the audience when he hosted the Oscars last year, he’s been dead silent. What do you know? A wuss who’s also a phony? But guys, I really shouldn’t be surprised. He’s from New Jersey.”

Enter Stewart, never one to give a burly meathead the last word.

“I have something you’ll never have: Respect,” he told Rollins.

Rollins begins to jostle Stewart around until:


I’m sorry, can we see that one more time?


Aaaaaaand once more.


Then, in true fight or flight fashion, Stewart gets the hell out of there:


See, kids? Charity work isn’t just about getting your hands dirty, it’s also about assaulting pro wrestlers on national TV.

Last night’s madness can be viewed in its entirety here:

See? Mondays aren’t all bad.

[h/t The Daily Beast]