Unless you’re a fan of awkward social interactions, “The Daily Show” host Jon Stewart’s recent train wreck of a campaign, comparing actress Jennifer Lawrence to a young Helen Mirren, has been a painfully hilarious sideshow to watch.

Stewart first brought up the idea when Lawrence appeared on the show in November to wrap up her promotional tour for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” Needless to say, the Hollywood starlet was caught offguard by the theory and went on to thoroughly rip Stewart for being “so weird” for bringing the strange topic up in one of the most bizarre interviews in the show’s history.

As if that interview wasn’t cringe-worthy enough, the host continued to push his theory when Sir Ian McKellen, Lawrence’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” co-star, came on the show Dec. 2. Suffice to say, Stewart’s awkward assertion seemed to even unsettle the legendary English actor, who also couldn’t see any resemblances between the actresses. Watch his reaction:

Now, I’m a big “The Daily Show” fan and Stewart is usually pretty colorful and funny with his interviews. But this is one uncomfortable bit he needs to stop and no seems to agree (see Vanity Fair’s side-by-side comparison). I’m begging you Jon Stewart, please do us all a favor and just drop it already before you weird everyone out.

Did Jon Stewart’s awkward interview with Jennifer Lawrence make you wince? What are your favorite cringe-worthy television moments?