Before Ted Cruz kicked off primary season by declaring his candidacy for the 2016 presidential race, Mitt Romney got out ahead of the crowd back in January by unequivocally stating he would not run. But that doesn’t mean Romney has been out of the spotlight. He’s agreed to box Evander Holyfield for charity, and last night he appeared on The Tonight Show to do a “Mitt in the Mirror” segment with Jimmy Fallon’s Mitt Romney impression.

Romney isn’t particularly known for his sense of humor, and Fallon isn’t known for pulling punches with his interview subjects, but both managed to break out of their shells for the segment. Romney poked fun at his own robotic personality, while Fallon riffed on Romney’s upcoming charity bout, saying it will be fun to see Romney lose to a black guy again. Then they finished off the segment with their super-cool secret handshake.

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Romney also spoke to Fallon in depth about his boxing match, revealing it will benefit a non-profit called Charity Vision helping cure blindness around the globe.

He also showed the Tonight Show audience how he’s been training — by letting his toddler grandson hit him in the face repeatedly.

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