NC State delivered an exciting upset on Saturday with their win over the Villanova Wildcats, busting many brackets and breaking many hearts. The Wildcats disappointed loyal fans across the nation, including President Barack Obama who had picked them to advance. But no one was sadder than this faithful ‘Nova band member who cried her piccolo heart out and fought through tears to get her job done.

Villanova, seeded at No.1, were bumped out of the Sweet 16 as they were downed 71-68. No one really thought they would be eliminated so quickly. Clearly, Roxanne Chalifoux — the sad band member — didn’t. But nonetheless, she was a trooper about keeping the pep alive despite not feeling too cheerful herself.

After the world saw Chalifoux cry, the Internet had a field day and turned her into a meme.

It looks like John Travolta strikes again.

And we can’t forget Joe Biden.

Through all her pain, Jimmy Fallon invited Chalifoux to the show and played her school’s fight song with The Roots. She showed some major Villanova pride and got two tickets from Taylor Swift to make sure she was happy again.