Looks like this kid is gonna need a bigger couch.

That kid is James Hashimoto, known online as Action Movie Kid. His father, Dreamworks animator Daniel Hashimoto, has been putting James into action scenes equal parts thrilling and adorable with the help of CGI.

This time, it’s a living room spin on Jaws.

kid jaws gif

Many Action Movie Kid videos are short vignettes of a child’s imagination, like using a real lightsaber in a toy store or turning a McDonald’s PlayPlace into a rocket ship.

lightsaber gif

But now that Daniel has signed with United Talent Agency hoping to make a full-length Action Movie Kid film, it makes sense that he and James would pay homage to the original blockbuster movie 40 years later.

Just when James thought it was safe to go back on the floor, Daniel turned the couch into a reimagined Amity Island, even without the help of Martha’s Vineyard. But instead of barrels and spear guns to fend off the toothy beast, James has to make do with pillows.

pillow throw jaws gif

You can check out more of Action Movie Kid at his YouTube channel , and see what James and Daniel’s playtime looked like before all the CGI got added in on Action Movie Dad’s channel.