Our own TJ Connelly posted this to Twitter this morning:

The short answer? No. There’s just too much in this rant to digest. And White made the mistake of carrying on long enough to make what he said during said rant eclipse everything else he did on stage last night, which is a shame.

You see, Jack White is truly one of the great talents of our time. He has the knack of keeping one foot firmly planted in the past while striding forward with the other, with both what he creates musically and the technology he uses to create and share it. And his guitar wizardry is on par with the greats. It’s unfortunate he has trouble staying out of his own way sometimes. (Here’s where I’m supposed to hyperlink to another of Jack’s rants, but there are simply too many to choose from.)

If, like TJ, you really do want an actual review of the show at Fenway, here’s Sarah Rodman’s piece in the Globe.