Last month, I walked into a local department store and was startled by a display of fake Christmas trees. I took note of the date and did some quick math. It was a week before Halloween, over a month before Thanksgiving, and close to two months before Christmas.

My initial reaction was what you’d expect: “Aw, for cryin’ out loud! It’s not even Halloween, and they already shilling Christmas stuff!” Then I stopped, thought for a minute, realized I’m not a grumpy old man (yet), and decided to hop onto the proverbial Polar Express. Even if it is 10 weeks early.

See, I’m done fighting it. Retailers will always mess with the calendar to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. I can’t control that. But I can control how I react to it. And if stores want to shove Christmas in my face starting in October, then I might as well get in the spirit…my way.

They can keep the fake plastic trees. I’ll take the Nova Scotia tree, all aglow on Boston Common. I’ll take the kids to Edaville for the Polar Express. I’ll hit the Holiday Pops. Hell, I’ll even pop the new Pops Live Holiday Album into rotation BEFORE THANKSGIVING.


No more complaining, no more feeling “sorta let down.” If Christmas is coming early, I’m getting into the spirit…right after I finish the last of this Halloween candy.