Well, probably not. But Gawker shared this video from a 20-year-old New Jersey dude named Greg Keating, who looks strikingly similar to Conan, claiming that the Brookline native, comedian, and talk show host is his father. Keating says that his mother used to work at 30 Rock in the early ’90s, only three floors away from where Conan did his thing when his show was still on NBC. He also says that she was suspiciously fired when she became pregnant, despite being a good worker with a clean record.

If Keating had taken this video a little more seriously, it might be able to take more seriously. Instead, his lightheartedness shows that instead of looking for a father, Keating is most likely looking for his 15 minutes of fame. But you can’t deny it’s creepy how much he looks like O’Brien.