Houston Texans Quarterback and proud dad Ryan Fitzpatrick had a second victory to boast yesterday after a massive win over the Tennessee Titans in which he threw for six touchdowns. Fitzpatrick’s son Brady, who hasn’t yet reached the age of ten, tackled some pretty challenging math when put on the spot at his father’s post-game press conference.

Keep in mind that Fitzpatrick is not only a Harvard graduate, having majored in economics, but he is known for scoring a 48 on the Wonderlic Test, an exam given to NFL prospects that tests intelligence under pressure, which is the third-highest recorded score in league history. Needless to say, Brady is coming from some pretty impressive genes (although I’d like to see the kid’s footwork and ability to scramble outside the pocket). When given a multiplication problem between two double-digit numbers, young Brady remained cool under fire and tackled the problem with ease, sans scratch paper.

Impressive, kid. Perhaps we’ll see you in Crimson someday.