Apple has a long history of teasing product announcements in their press invites, and the latest from the Cupertino-based company seems to follow that trend. In Apple’s latest invite, released today, the company features a multi-colored Apple logo, along with the text, “It’s been way too long.”

It has been widely reported that Apple will be refreshing their iPad lineup, but I think that this announcement will mainly be centered around the release of new multi-colored Apple products, most likely the Macbook Air.

What hard evidence do we have that this is the case? Well, none really, except for the writing on the wall. If we read into the text and design of the invite above, it would not be too far of a leap to assume that the multi-colored logo is a hint at coming multi-colored computer offerings and the line, “It’s been way too long,” is a nod to Apple’s extensive history of offering colorful computers.

Recently, Apple experimented with color through their iPhone 5C lineup of phones.

What do you think? Is Apple going to reboot their vibrant machines, or are these things better left in the past?