Irish quartet Kodaline played a set for RadioBDC’s Live in the Lab on Tuesday before its show at The Sinclair. Obviously, European bands touring the US hold strong opinions on what we use as American tailgating beer. Check out Kodaline’s Stephen Garrigan, Vinny May, Jason Boland, and Mark Prendergast school us on the studs and duds of domestic suds.

What do you think of beers we drink on this side of the Atlantic?

May: Coors is grand. We drink Coors. Even when we’re at home we drink Coors.

Garrigan: You know what’s really good actually is Molson. We were in Toronto a while ago and that’s all we drank. It had never been in Ireland before but when we returned, for some bizarre reason, it’s everywhere now. Just completely launched.

I’ve heard that Foster’s isn’t actually big in Australia and it’s actually brewed in Ireland.

May: It’s made in Cork, [Ireland], and all of the ads in the UK have these Australian guys talking in the accents and stuff like that. We were in Australia for four days and we were looking for Foster’s. The locals didn’t even know it.

Prendergast: Whenever we play a particular city, we usually ask to try whatever is local. We’ve tried Lonestar and Yuengling. Those aren’t bad.

What have you had in Boston?

May: Samuel Adams is pretty good.

If I were to come to Ireland, what should I try?

May: Guinness.

Prendergast: Guinness isn’t really a beer, it’s stout, but it’s definitely my favorite drink.

May: When you’re in Ireland, you usually get loads of Heineken, Carlsberg, stuff like that. There’s not much in the way of a true Irish beer. Murphy’s is good, but it’s a stout, too.

Boland: Kilkenny is lager from Ireland. Smithwicks is an ale, as well, but it’s not great.

May: My dad is a massive fan of Smithwick’s and I don’t know why.

Any other drinks outside of beer that you’re fond of?

Boland: Jameson. Everywhere we go.

May: In the States, we’ve tried that Jack Daniels Honey stuff. My God, it is gorgeous.

Boland: It’s funny. When we’re in Ireland, we drink Jack Daniels and when we’re in America, we drink Jameson.

May: I did drink this one whiskey over here called Old Grand-Dad, it’s like 80 proof. You could fuel a car with that stuff.

Boland: Someone bought us Fireball the other night, too. That was a bit much.