For its simplicity of both function and design, Google is a pretty weird place. We’ve seen Google poetry, questionable autocompletes, and of course, some very unusual searches. What may seem as unusual, however, is a lot more common than you may think, and this new infographic from Australian SEO company Search Factory┬áproves it.

There are some really questionable people out there. For instance, “How to hide a dead body” is searched 1000 times each month worldwide. Of course, no Americans searched that (right? no?).

The stats from this infographic were retrieved using Google’s Keyword Planner tool, which likely wasn’t meant for something like this, unless you were looking to create a campaign around, I don’t know, male nipples or something. This is just a small sample of the crazy stuff that goes on inside peoples’ heads. I’m sure a wormhole of fun could be had if enough time and energy is put into finding more weird searches of the Google Keyword Planner.