Apologies in advance for burying this in your skull forever.

Pokémon GO is a thing that is very popular right now. And just like any other pop culture phenomenon, it has inspired a pyror’s share of media, from thinkpieces to parodies to songs. That last bit is where Misha comes in.

Misha is nine years old. He is from the Czech Republic. And he plays Pokémon GO every day, if the abomination he has created is to be believed.

At first glance, the song comes across as a parody of the Tim & Eric variety (Casey and his brother, anyone?) But it’s not; it’s sincere. Misha is a bit of a YouTube celebrity in his home country. And thanks to this earworm, he’s becoming one in ours, too.

Again, my sincerest apologies. If you have children, maybe don’t share it with them. Otherwise, they’ll start singing it themselves. Forever.