It’s that straightforward, really. I heard the show was ending, so I thought it would be funny to make the series finale the very first time I watched and to tweet my impressions. Check it out.

My son was OK, as it turns out, so I was able to pop back in for the last five minutes of the show to see the inevitable coupling of two of the main characters for the “happily every after” moment that sitcoms and their audiences thrive on.

Look, I get it. “How I Met Your Mother” filled the void that “Friends” left when it went off the air 10 years ago. And now TV has “Friends With Better Lives” (+1 for using the name of the show it’s modeled after in the actual name, Clever Network Executives) ready occupy that space. The problem is, these shows aren’t that good.

And sure, now I’ll get jumped on for passing judgement on one TV show that I watched for approximately 32 minutes and another that’s widely regarded as “good.” But before you jump, answer this: did you feel satisfied after last night’s HIMYM finale? Do you go back and watch Ross and Rachel because “Friends” was an amazing show, or because it reminds you of your younger days?

It’s OK to watch bad sitcoms in the same way that it’s OK to grab a bag of Cheetos. Junky things are fun. Just don’t start lecturing me on the health benefits of Cheetos.