It’s been frigidly cold in Boston this week. Hypothermia cold. Frostbite cold. “Real feel” temperatures were down in the single digits this morning, thanks to the gusty wind that swept across the city. 

But people in town are still drinking iced coffee–and posting the proof online.

Would people even believe you if you said you drank iced in the winter if you didn’t Instagram it?

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Apparently, elsewhere in the country, some people switch to hot coffee in the winter.

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It’s cold out, they say. I don’t want to carry an iced beverage, they say. Such weakness. Weakness that people in Boston would scoff at.

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Isn’t this why they invented gloves, after all? For this very reason? For you to carry your iced coffee in the winter?

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Even when this cold front continues on and brings us a snowstorm this weekend, Bostonians will flock to Dunkin’ for their regular iced. Nothing will stop them. Nothing can stop them.