Boston is a college town. There are actually over 100 colleges and universities in the greater Boston area. As a result, students at each school have a healthy sense of pride for their respective colleges. However, I was curious to discover how students felt about people who went to different schools, and even their opinions on the schools themselves. Their responses were so painfully honest that most of the participants asked to only be identified by first name. Enjoy their witty, mean, and honest answers.

Bentley University

  • “Small business school. Everyone’s an accounting major.” – Tyler, Boston College
  • “Dumb business kids.” – Bailey, Northeastern University
  • “Are we sure that people actually go to Bentley? I’ve never actually met someone from there.” – Jacqlene, Boston University

Berklee College of Music

  • “Weird, creative, antisocial kids who go HAM for the music industry.” – Rose, Bentley University
  • “Artsy. Musically inclined. Cool. Hipster. I want to be their friend. I want to go to concerts there. I want to be there?” – Song, Boston College
  • “I’m 100% convinced that every Berklee kid is a pretentious hipster who can only talk about music.” – Lucia, Massachusetts College of Art and Design
  • “Beanies. Beanies and Converse everywhere.” – Chris, Emerson College
  • “Look at me, I can play ‘Wonderwall’ on guitar!” – Vanessa, Boston University

Boston College

  • “You get in if you know someone, and they’re self-centered.” – Rose, Bentley University
  • “They like church.” – Amanda, Northeastern University

Boston University

  • “Rich, White, and Asian.” – Rose, Bentley University
  • “Let’s all have a moment of silence for the COM [Communications] majors who don’t even DO COLLEGE!” – Lisa, Boston College
  • “The other place in Boston where most Emerson students applied.” – Chris, Emerson College

Emerson College

  • “Small liberal arts school. A great backup.” – Tyler, Boston College
  • “Artsy Fartsy.” – Dan, Northeastern University
  • “Just a 4 year delay before moving to LA to be unemployed.” – Ingrid, Boston University

Harvard University

  • “Sexually frustrated and well endowed.” – Lisa, Boston College
  • “Always swipe right on Tinder because starving artists might need some financial support.” – Chris, Emerson College
  • “Their boys are compensating for something.” – Amanda, Northeastern University

Massachusetts College of Art and Design

  • “What?” – Lisa, Boston College
  • “Their building looks like it’s recycled.” – Amanda, Northeastern University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • “A school with some of the most intelligent people but many of them lack a whole lot of common sense.” – Tyler, Boston College
  • “MIT kids will talk to you about their apps and ONLY their apps at parties—which are always themed. Always. – Jacqlene, Boston University
  • “NERDS!” – Vanessa, Boston University

Northeastern University

  • “Connections will get you in, Greek life oriented, entitled by name of school, ew.” – Rose, Bentley University
  • “Northeastern students range from being pretty awful to just okay.” – Jacqlene, Boston University

Tufts University

  • “The ‘Almost Ivy’” – Rose, Bentley University
  • “Who’s got spirit? *crickets chirping*” – Lisa, Boston College
  • “Football lol.” – Dan, Northeastern University