Joe is a homeless 26-year-old who had a bit too much fun and ended up homeless on the streets of New York. At least that’s what this ridiculous video from fellow Millennial content-makers Elite Daily reports. And once you hear Joe open his mouth, you’ll realize that there’s probably good reason for it.

Unfortunately for us, Joe was born and raised in Boston, but no longer resides here. Instead, Joe claims to make roughly $150 on a given day panhandling in New York, and spends his nights creepily sweet-talking women into sleeping with him and additionally giving him a place to stay. While there’s no proof that this guy isn’t a load of shit, other than clips of him saying really sketchy things at women who happen to be walking away from him, it acts as a great PSA on how not to completely screw your life up.

In an attempt to shed light on Joe’s soft side, the video shows him buying food for fellow homeless people, explaining that he’s a true believer in karma. Unfortunately, it does little to cover up that fact that, if Joe isn’t just all talk, or even if he is for that matter, he’s one of the worst people happening on earth right now. Take a peek for yourself and don’t forget to treat people with respect!