Today is apparently National Comfort Food Day, which is a thing that totally exists. To celebrate, you should take a break from that healthy diet you cultivated over Thanksgiving and book a flight to Australia, where the artisan ‘za chefs at Pizza Hut have introduced a pizza with Doritos crust.

Though this could be a stunt by the Australian tourism board to increase visitors from Mississippi, the pizza appears to be very real, according to this press release.

As the home of Stuffed Crust, Pizza Hut has spent months developing this innovative and indulgent Stuffed Crust pizza, made with delicious mozzarella cheese in the crust, layered with original Doritos crunchy corn chips and sprinkled with tasty cheddar cheese around the edge of your pizza for the crunchiest crust you have ever experienced.

Arriving just in time for the party season, this one-of-a-kind pizza is available with any of your favourite Pizza Hut pizzas for a limited time only.

Woah, it’s party season already? Autumn keeps getting shorter every year. Though the “innovative” Doritos crust pizza is only available in Australia as of now, if a dish is disgustingly unhealthy and features an unnecessary addition of Doritos, it’ll be in America eventually. It can’t possibly be as bad as Doritos Mountain Dew.

doritos pizza hut

[h/t Sploid]