It looks like we’re in for some more perfect spring weather this week, so when you’re on your way to this week’s events make to stop and enjoy some May flowers we eared after enduring all those April showers. Let’s hope it stays nice out because May showers only bring June mosquitoes and a corresponding increase in mosquito-borne diseases.

1. Monday, May 19 – Science on Screen: “Big”
The Coolidge Corner Theatre’s Science on Screen series features everyone’s favorite ‘80s Tom Hanks comedy, ”Big.” MIT researcher Eric Rosenbaum will speak after the film about the value of play and unfortunately not about recent advances in carnival game body transformation technology. (7 p.m., $10, all ages)

2. Tuesday, May 20 – Boston Handbell Festival
On the third Tuesday of every May the Old South Church welcomes the Boston Handbell Festival, a free concert showcasing the Back Bay Ringers and four other local handbell choirs (the rumors about OutKast headlining this year turned out to be just that — rumors). It’s not a competition, but if it was and one of the choirs featured a really talented player from out of town then you could joke that they “brought in a ringer” and I bet it would crack up even the notoriously stuffy handbells crowd. (8 p.m., FREE, all ages)

3. Tuesday, May 20 – “The Moth” Story Slam
The live version of the ”The Moth” storytelling podcast returns to Oberon Tuesday, and for the first time in a while it’s not sold out way in advance. Ten storytellers take the stage to present true, personal stories, with judges voting on a winner. (8 p.m., $8-16, all ages)

4. Tuesday, May 20 – Everything is Terrible
The Brattle Theatre is cautiously excited to welcome the live show from video-remixing gods of Everything is Terrible! The legendary found-footage comedy website remixes the weirdest discarded video that they can find into something new and inexplicable. I hope a lot of them can be explained as people posing for still pictures that are actually videos because those are the best. (9:30 p.m., $12-15, all ages)

5. Wednesday, May 21 – Cocktails & Conversations
Somerville local food delivery service Something Gud debuts its new wellness series, featuring discussions about practical healthy eating strategies rooted in the love of local food. The conversation will be followed by cocktails, and hopefully one of the healthy eating strategies says you can have as many drinks as you want as long as you drop an organic olive in there. (6 p.m., FREE, 21+)

6. Wednesday, May 21 – Hop Chef
Brewery Ommegang’s Hop Chef competition pairs a spectrum of Ommegang beers with culinary creations from some of Boston’s top chefs. Each dish will use beer as an ingredient and paired with a different beer and chefs are required to drink a six-pack during the cooking process, and OK that last part isn’t true but with the way the Food Network is going you can expect to see “Chopped: Drunk Chefs Edition” in prime time any day now. (7 p.m., $65, 21+)

7. Thursday, May 21 – Lost Boston
Lecturer and historian Anthony Sammarco, author of sixty books on the history and development of Boston, stops by the Boston Athenaeum to discuss 68 major Boston locations that are no more, including schools, churches, theaters, grand mansions, dockyards, racetracks, parks, stores, hotels, offices, and factories. What he probably won’t tell you is that the building right next door to the Athenaeum on Beacon Street served as the exterior for the law firm on “Ally McBeal.” How’s that for history, Mr. Historian? (12 p.m., FREE, all ages)

8. Thursday, May 21 – Taste of Faneuil Hall
Axe body spray? Bud Light mixed with bile? The sweat of midwestern tourists? All things you might taste in Faneuil Hall (or at least smell so intensely it’s like your tasting them), but fortunately not at Thursday’s Taste of Faneuil Hall. It’s only $10 for access to the all-you-can-eat samples from neighborhood restaurants and craft beer from Sam Adams, plus a chance to win giveaways including Red Sox tickets and swag. (5:30 p.m., $10, 21+)

Photo credit: Brewery Ommegang


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