Two men enter, one man leaves. Those are the stakes when you play Mortal Kombat, and Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski got a taste of that when they faced on Conan O’Brien’s show.



O’Brien often get celebrities to try out new video games before they hit the market on his show. Since Mortal Kombat pits otherworldly beasts with superhuman strength and powers in a fight to the death, it was the perfect game for Gronk and Lynch.

First, we got a look at our fighters.

Bite Strength: 4,000 pounds per square inch.

gronk intro gif

Favorite Gilmore Girls Character: Lorelai

lynch fighter profile

The Mortal Kombat fatalities were as gruesome as ever.

fatality gif

And suddenly Beast Mode wasn’t so beastly.

lynch leaving gif

Then again, Conan couldn’t handle it either.

conan fetal

Gronk was his usual self, making fun of Lynch’s patented touchdown dance…

gronk lynch dance gif

…and finding an alternative use for the Mortal Kombat trophy.

gronk statue gif

Overall, it was a fun diversion before the real battle takes place on Sunday.