Rob Gronkowski is a terrible singer, but he’s just about the only guy at media day we’d expect to give a Katy Perry song an honest chance.

Gronkowski entertained the press (and the internet) when he obliged two reporters who had asked him to croon. Although Gronk himself noted that he’s a “terrible singer,” that fact didn’t stop him from trying.

While understandably hesitant at first, dangling a new, shiny XBOX in front of Gronk seemed like enough incentive to get him going. In the clip above, he starts off with “Roar” and “I Kissed A Girl.”

We imagine this is what he was visualizing as he sang:

Thinking that was enough to win him his new toy, the reporter urged Gronk to sing “Roar” just one more time.

While the tight end doesn’t quite hit those notes, again: he tried! Plus he got an XBOX. Go Gronk.