Need some Thanksgiving inspiration?

Probably not, considering it’s a holiday built on the traditions of eating, drinking, talking, and watching football. But suppose you take a more competitive approach at the Thanksgiving table. I’ve heard Uncle Mike has a pretty voracious appetite and has been bragging about it all offseason. You’re not just going to let him get away with that kind of behavior, are you?

Cue the dogs. A Golden Retriever and a German Shepherd, more specifically. Now one might think that a German Shepard would be the frontrunner in a spaghetti-eating contest (because dogs typically eat spaghetti). But this video shows that sometimes it’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s how a much that dog truly loves a good plate of pasta. Short story shorter, the Golden Retriever joins the clean plate club faster than you can say “Golden Retriever,” while the German Shepherd takes a more roundabout approach.

So this Thanksgiving, as Uncle Mike is giving you the game-face from across the table, take this from the spaghetti-eating dogs: don’t think– just eat, get your neck involved if it helps the food go down faster, and you can still look pretty even if you’re stuffing your face with food.

Happy Thanksgiving, all.