We may have just found our spirit animal.

The dogs in this obedience competition were given one objective: to make it through the gauntlet of delicious snacks and fun toys without giving in to temptation. Make it through unscathed, and a pup will get a good score in the contest and the approval of his or her owner. Fall victim to one of the enticing distractions and… well… enjoy feasting on special treats and playing with doggy toys. Seems like kind of a toss-up, huh?

The first two pooches who attempt this stage pass with flying colors. The third, however, had different priorities– priorities that involved a bite of every snack and a brief bit of fun with every toy. It may have cost him a good score in the competition, but you know what they say, “a misbehaving dog is a loyal dog” (they totally say that, right?).

Don’t worry young pup, there’s a lesson to be learned here. First of all, winning isn’t everything, especially when the loser gets a celebratory feast. Secondly, there’s always time to learn. Just take a tip from Derek Zoolander– block out the distractions and you’ll be OK.

[via Huffington Post]