Dude, your Facebook profile pic is looking a bit dated. Perhaps it’s time you spice things up a bit? I’m not talking about a selfie on top of a ski mountain either, that’s played out. I’m talking about getting a photo with the Super Bowl Trophy.

Sadly, it’s difficult to get in the same room as that piece of hardware. But all is not lost. 

Legoland Discovery Center in Somerville has created a replica Vince Lombardi Trophy so that you too can look like a world champion. According to a release, the replica trophy stands at 22.5 inches tall, weighs 8.6 pounds, consists of 2,050 Legos, and took the master model builder 24.5 hours to create. 

Beginning today and running through next Wednesday, Feb. 11, the replica trophy will be on display at the Legoland Discovery Center at Assembly Row in Somerville. All are welcome to visit, admire, and take pictures with the Lego trophy. 


Now all we need is for the Sox to bring home another ring so that someone can make a K’Nex World Series Trophy.