It’s pee-back time.

St. Pauli is where all the cool people go to party in Hamburg, Germany. While it’s fun if you’re letting loose, the residents are pissed off with drunk fun-seekers constantly urinating on their walls. Since signs and fines in place have had little to no impact on partiers, the community took matters into their own hands.

In what is arguably the greatest use of superhydrophobic paint ever, locals decided to spray the walls with the substance that deflects all liquids, or in this case, all bodily fluids, to deter shameless urinators.

Superhydrophobic paint essentially waterproofs a surface and is most often used in coating grids and circuits among other applications.

Some walls provide a warning for people to not partake in public urination, and others do not. But for those who choose to ignore these notices, there is almost a guarantee that they will be peenalized (zing!).

Spring Break is coming. Perhaps other cities will follow suit?

[h/t Daily Dot]