Wearable tech has come a long way in the past few years, but it’s still tough to find stuff that doesn’t make you look like a fitness nut or a cyborg. Companies are finally starting to get the hint, and are creating products that can blend into our everyday lives. Here are seven pieces of wearable tech that you’ll actually want to wear.

Fitness Trackers That Dress Up
You want to stay active, but you don’t want to look like you’re on a hike at the office. Ditch the rubbery bracelets for a sleek piece of statement jewelry. The Tory Burch for Fitbit line houses your Flex tracker inside a stylish gold-toned pendant or bracelet that transition effortlessly from day to evening. Tested out in the wild, the pendant gets tons of compliments, and people are wowed when they find out it’s a fitness tracker. There are even a couple silicone bands with the designer’s signature print, great for when you’re doing actual sweating.

Don’t Miss That Call Jewelry
It’s déclassé to be on your phone in a social situation, but what if you’re waiting for an important call? There’s a whole category of smart jewelry that alerts you of can’t-miss calls and messages. If rings are your thing, put on Ringly, which has a full range of customizable vibrations and color changes based on notifications and people. More off (or on) the cuff? Grab a Beacon & Lively bracelet, which also has customizable alerts and shuts off with the flick of your wrist.

Fistbump To Enter
Through the magic of 3D printing, you can now fistbump your way onto the T. Printed at MIT, the Sesame Ring is a wearable sensor that replaces your CharlieCard. You tap to add value and ride, all without digging through your bag. Currently only available in black, the versatility of 3D printing promises more options could be available soon.

Leather & Lights
Now you can stay safe while walking, running, or biking, and look like a badass from the future. Vega Edge is a strip of magnetic LED lights encased in leather. Since it attaches to your clothing, you won’t forget it on your bike where it could get stolen.

The Pendant with Buzz
And for a sexy twist on wearable tech, there’s the Vesper pendant by CRAVE. Available in silver, gold, and rose gold, the Vesper is a vibrator you wear around your neck. The sleek pendant has easy one-button controls, is USB-rechargeable, and has a warming feature. You can even get this buzzing beauty engraved for that special someone.

For a tracker sans tracker, Withings Activité is the smartwatch to buy. A beautifully classic timepiece, the second dial inconspicuously tracks your activity goals. The watch and corresponding app also monitors sleep and provides a vibrating alarm.