Head of the Charles is a gathering of world class athletes, right here in Boston’s own front yard. It’s a different type of athleticism, one that, unlike the Sox or the Pats, we only read in the headlines once every year.

In reality, rowing is not only one of the world’s oldest sports, but it’s a chance for two very different athletic body types to work together for one common goal. The rowers themselves are typically tall and strong, the type that would fit the description of what one might perceive as the standard athletic build. No racing shell is complete, however, without the vocal power and leadership of the coxswain, who keeps the pace and ensures that the boats move in harmony while adding as little weight as possible to the boat itself. The two types may look different, but any rower knows that it doesn’t really matter. A team is a team, and a win is a win.

We caught up with some of the tall and small team members from different crews who competed at the Regatta and asked them, “what’s your secret to teamwork?” These were their answers:

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