Local Music

Local symphonic rock band Art Decade released its latest self-titled album on Tuesday, expanding on the conventions of arena rock and toying with the brilliance of string compositions. BDCwire pal Luke O’Neil has a more in-depth look at the band’s new record in The Boston Globe today, but we’re happy to present some unique album artwork that the band is including with the album’s release.

Each of these solargraphs corresponds with a song from the album. A solargraph, for those like me who are not versed in the photography world, is a long exposure photo. These photos were taken all around Boston, Brooklyn, and Cape Cod, some of which were exposing for more than six months. “We wanted to take this approach to the visual art because it is a completely organic process that has a very otherworldly and surreal result,” says songwriter Ben Talmi. “We hoped this reflected the organic process of recording the album.” All images were taken by Boston-based artist Hadley Brooks.

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