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Everywhere you look, men are adding more swag and style to their image, and a new barber shop in Sudbury is helping them get the perfect finishing touches for an ultra-sharp look.

Nolan Alberghini, 20, of Burlington, and James Freedlender, 20, of Sudbury opened up Hounds Barbershop and Co. in March wanting to bring something totally different to the table. Together, the two have created a men’s grooming experience that incorporates the best of today’s styles with flashes from the 1950s and ‘60s. With their grooming regimen of a cut, an old fashioned shave for $50 and the option of a facial for an extra $15, new beginnings start in their barber chairs.

“For me, I wanted to bring a barbershop that was just more than cutting hair… an old school environment that just brought everyone together where you could talk fashion, work, style, etc.” Freedlender says.

Hounds incorporates exactly that. Walking into their shop, the esthetics of exposed brick, dark wood, and tile set the scene for Alberghini and Freedlender who can be seen daily sporting saddle shoes, waistcoats and skinny ties. Both say, in addition to grooming, they frequently get comments on their outfits and questions on where to buy pieces and how to wear them.

“The first time, they’re not expecting much, it’s just a haircut. Second and third time they ask a little more, like recommendations on products. They see the way we dress and I probably give more style advice during the day than anything else” Alberghini says.

In their first year of business, Hounds has been turning heads and attracting customers as far as Vermont to check out their hair styling work. They have booked bachelor parties and are a go-to before local school picture days. After having received multiple offers for locations in the city, Alberghini says a Boston location is definitely “on the drawing board.”

[All photos by Chris Coe]

Hounds Barbershop and Co.
29 Hudson Road Sudbury, MA 01776