Ever wake up in the morning thinking, “I wish I read my Horoscope”? Local garage rock duo Fat Creeps knows the feeling. So much that the band’s lead ladies, Mariam Saleh and Gracie Jackson, wanted to ensure that you knew exactly what you were in for this Valentine’s Day. The two, known both for shredding and for their astrological sixth sense, have put their noggins together to provide you with some “Horoscopes of Love.” Don’t take these lightly, folks, or you may spend tonight drowning in false hopes, loneliness, and red wine.

Fat Creeps, now just over three years old, is poised for a big 2014. With a lineup change since its outstanding self-titled EP, the band is already cooking on a full-length due out this spring on Gnar Tapes. From the sounds of “Comes In Loudly,” the only tune from the forthcoming release to surface thus far, the band’s new material scrapes further into psychedelic surfaces, trading gummy pop hooks in for more ominous haze. Fat Creeps’ sound remains most tantalizing by the whispy harmonies provided by Saleh and Jackson, which go places on this one track that they never have before. Keep an eye out for Fat Creeps in 2014.

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