Red Sox

From late January through March, a record-breaking snowfall descended on Boston, and Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox, was hit just as hard as the rest of the city. Battered by fierce winds, buried under feet of snow, and frozen deep with frost, the once-lush Fenway field was in full-on winter hibernation.

But while the rest of New England can wait patiently for the snow to melt and the grass to return to a greener hue, the grounds crew at Fenway Park doesn’t have the luxury of time. This winter, David Mellor, head groundskeeper, and his crew of four, had the challenging task of reinvigorating the field in time for Opening Day: April 13.

A visit to the park a week before the Red Sox begin their first homestand revealed just how far Fenway has come from the days of snowdrifts and icicles. We caught up with Mellor and he gave us some insight into how he and his team got the field in top shape for the 2015 season.