When measuring the degrees of cat lady craziness, I’m not really sure where I fall. I can tell you, however, that I fell for Bogsworth, the lovable feline my roommates and I adopted from Roxbury’s MSCPA a few years back. I remember the day well, when the bunch of us rolled up to the local shelter to take home our new whiskered pal, excited and fluttering like expecting mothers at a Baby Gap clearance sale.In the years since Bogsworth’s arrival to his new home, he’s really warmed up to us all. And us to him, of course, though we never needed much convincing. Our relationship has grown to be the perfect union of four ladies to one handsome cat, a polydactyl Bengal Tabby mix who may or may not have a collection of sweaters and over seven hundred followers on Instagram.

OK, maybe I’m an intense cat lady, but what’s wrong with that? According to the folks of Berklee’s first Internet Cat Video Film Festival, nothing at all. Especially since a portion of proceeds celebrating all things cat-centric benefited shelters to the likes of the MSPCA, Charles River AlleyCats, Black Cat Rescue and Gifford Cat Shelter. For that kind of goodwill, you really can put a price on Internet cat giddiness.

For Berklee’s first take on a viral video showcase, their presentation of cats was certainly a good one. And though no cat enthusiast can really shake their head at a feline-focused video, the festival still had something for everyone. Be it action, cult-classics, or a more abstract view of feline life, the festival boasted all sorts of genres to match the multidimensionality we so often observe from our favorite pet, be they losing their battle against addiction or portraying the ups and downs of the US economy through aspect ratio drift.

But before the kitty videos got a-rollin’ I made my way through the crowds filing into the venue to pepper them with question about what was to many, a feline love affair. Though answers to my kitty-centered questions varied, one thing remained clear. Cats rule. Check out our recap of the feline lovers, the grimalkin look-alikes, the viral video enthusiasts of Berklee’s Internet Cat Video Film Festival:

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