January 11 marked the eighth annual No Pants Subway Ride in Boston, coordinated by the Boston Society of Shenanigans.

Headed by James Cobalt, BostonSOS is the same group that brings you the Midnight Marathon and the First-Class Subway & Black Tie Beach events.

As for the No Pants Subway Ride, it was started in 2002 by the NYC-based collective, ImprovEverywhere. In 2008 the event went viral and, as a result, the NPSR now takes place in over 50 cities around the world.

This year’s group of pants-less Bostonians faced not only the usual biting Boston wind, but a 28 degree overcast day.

Still, many showed up to the umbrella at Pemberton Square where BostonSOS had called to meet. Cobalt estimated that roughly 250 people participated in 2015 Boston NPSR.

So, who are these people that are so willing to take off their pants and ride the T?

They’re students, professionals, workers, parents, they’re your neighbor or friend – they are the humans of the 2015 Boston No Pants Subway Ride.