Believe it or not, you can go sailing on Boston Harbor in the winter time. And there are people who actually do this. And those people aren’t altogether insane. I know this because I’m one of them.

Boston Sailing Center at Lewis Wharf has a Frostbite Racing program that runs on Saturdays, starting in November and carrying through to March. Last year, I was introduced to Jon Dexter, one of the skippers of the 18 boats in the winter racing fleet. Jon invited me out to be part of the crew for a race, and I was hooked. I learned sailing basics, had my skills tested right away, and put this recap together.

Apparently I wasn’t too much of a liability, as Jon invited me back to join the team again this year. You can see some highlights of our second race below, where we finished first in the boat Aliza.





That first place finish, combined with strong finishes in the rest of the races that day and solid racing last week, has put the team in first place for the season. I’d like to thank Jon, Mark, Matt, and Larry for taking me on, teaching me, and making my Frostbiting experience a memorable one. And thanks to Jon, Mark, and Anya for joining me live on RadioBDC to talk sailing.

I’ll be cheering you and the rest of the team on from the docks in the finals this month.


Thanks, also, to Boston Sailing Center for making a newcomer like me feel welcome. BSC has programs year-round for all ages and abilities. Click here to learn more.