There’s always that one annoying friend that floods your Facebook news feed with picture after picture of their dog. No one wants to see Fido wearing a new sweater or doing that dumb rollover trick. And thankfully, we won’t have to anymore with the creation of Pack – a relatively new social network created for dogs, where the dog-obsessed can make profiles for their furry friends and then capture and share pictures of their everyday moments.

The website claims that members can design a homepage for their dogs (even those that have passed…creepy), and is flooded with corny aphorisms like, “Dogs remind us to slow down and smile,” and “Because with a dog by your side, you are never alone.” Although dogs obviously couldn’t care less about social networking, that doesn’t seem to stop dog owners from posting their pets’ mugs all over cyber space or creating sites like this. At least now all those people that like to act as if they have never seen a cute animal picture before will start to filter to Pack instead of infiltrating our Instagrams.

Pack seems somewhat ordinary given the slew of bizarre social networking sites available online. We decided to compile a list of the most outlandish, and hilarious, niche social networks around. From Farmer-friendly dating sites to networks focused on the perfectly sculpted stache, these are the Internet’s weirdest.

What started as a network for fans of the cult band Insane Clown Posse has degenerated into an inebriated and sketchy underground of the Juggalo world that’s proves more than 10,000 strong. The interface of Juggalobook is a sure rip off of Facebook, but instead of liking things, you “Whoop Whoop,” them. And instead of choices between male/female identities, you’re given Juggalo or Juggalette.

Farmers Only
Instead of asking what your astrological sign is, at they ask if you raise or breed alpacas, sheep, horses, or if you’re a student farmer, cowboy, or organic farmer., is as the name implies, specifically for farmers, and with a tagline that reads ‘City Folks Just Don’t Get It, ‘ it seems like the niche site is rather exclusive.

Line For Heaven
Looking to get in good with The Big Guy Upstairs, consider Line for Heaven. Hand out blessings to people in your network for karma points, which helps to reserve a place in heaven (spots are given on Judgement Day, every Sunday). Amen to that.

Brony Square
Most girls can think back fondly on those Saturday mornings spent watching the fantastical show, “My Little Pony”, however is a place for “Bronies” – men who are fans of the My Little Pony franchise. The site bills itself as a place where “you can find other bronies, pegasisters and ponyfans online.”

Stache Passions
Tom Selleck, no doubt, would be a fan of The social networking site allows members browse mustache groups to find fellow ‘stache afficianados by preferred ‘stache style, including the DaliWalrus and Pencil, or by their experience level: newbie, expert or ‘Stache Groupie’.