Our fearless leader Bill Belichick has never been a man of many words, but his press conference tendencies took on an all-time low following the Patriots’ embarrassing loss last Monday night to Kansas City. Coach Belichick’s answer of choice to just about every question he was asked was the dismissive, and now meme-like, “we’re on to Cincinnati.” Thankfully, the mindset worked, as the Pats made easy work of the Bengals last night, but Belicheck’s post-loss flatness did not go unnoticed by master impersonator and football favorite Frank Caliendo.

Caliendo, who has become famous for his John Madden impressions among others, has done the Belichick character before, but this time dedicated a whole segment to Coach’s concise mumbles and large indifference. Bill does light up towards the end though, when a very special guest visits him on the podium. Bill’s an easy target, but Caliendo makes the most of it.