The Susan G. Komen Foundation, the non-profit with a penchant for painting everything pink in the name of breast cancer awareness, has picked an interesting partner for its latest magenta-saturated partnership: Baker Hughes, one of the largest fracking companies in the world.

For those who don’t already know, fracking (short for “hydraulic fracturing”) is a fairly new process in which a high-pressure mixture of water, sand, and chemicals are shot into dense layers of rock deep below the earth with the goal of breaking through these layers to release the oil or natural gas reserves trapped underneath.

In a press release, Baker Hughes announced its intention to “Do Our Bit For The Cure” (OMG PUNS LOL!!!) as part of their year-round partnership with Susan G. Komen. The company will also present a Komen executive with a $100,000 at Heinz Field prior to the Pittsburgh Steelers’ October 26 game, which has been dubbed a “pink-out game” by the noted women’s health advocates of the NFL.


Fracking still feels like a mysterious issue — mainly because fracking companies don’t tell us a lot, preferring to drill now and face the consequences as they come — but the general scientific consensus is not a positive one, and the fact that most countries worldwide have condemned or outright banned the practice can’t be a good sign.

Despite that, Susan G. Komen still feels like an ideal partner for Baker Hughes. After all, this is the same non-profit that pulled $12 million in funding from Planned Parenthood because they hired a right-wing nutjob as a Senior VP, and partnered up with the daughter of a ruthless Uzbekistanian dictator, whose many crimes including the forced sterilization of thousands of women. Seems like both companies favor a Machiavellian approach to reaching their bottom lines.

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[h/t Salon]