Remember when Manny Ramirez tried making his at bat walk-up song “Good Times” by Styles P (which features the Friendly Fenway-esque chorus “I get high, high, high)? That was a pretty bad idea. How about Shane Victorino going with the infectious “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley to groove to en route to the batters’ box? That was a much better idea. But how about former Red Sox prospect and current Oakland A’s outfielder Josh Reddick taking the plate to Wham’s emotional sax-fueled ballad “Careless Whisper”? That’s just the best idea.

Whether or not the George Michael classic ended up on stadium speakers per the request of Reddick himself is up for debate, but what’s guaranteed is that it worked. Reddick got on base three times and was instrumental in Oakland’s 5-4 win over Chicago White Sox on Monday night. Additionally, teammates like Sean Dolittle happen to vibe hard to the soft rock tune. Maybe we’ve unfolded a new trend in at-bat songs?