Patrick and Rachel Givens were married August 8 in Middletown, Connecticut.

Photo by Allan Zepeda

Their ceremony included a white dress, brightly colored flowers, and happy-faced loved ones seated before the bride and groom—all of the tried-and-true components of a wedding. But one aspect of the ceremony stood apart from the rest.

The flower girls were Patrick and Rachel’s grandmothers.

Photo by Allan Zepeda

For the couple, it was an easy decision to include both of their grandmothers in the wedding ceremony in an extra special way.

“We’re both really close with our grandmas,” Rachel told, “so we wanted to give them their chance to shine.”

Though initially surprised by the notion of being flower girls of a certain age, Renee Rubin and Joanne C. Reich were more than happy to play whatever role their grandchildren desired—and that happiness shone through as they made their way down the aisle.

“There was a lot of flair in their petal throwing,” Rachel told “I could hear everyone going crazy with applause while I was waiting in the back.”

Patrick and Rachel are still waiting to receive their wedding video. Until they can relive the extraordinary petal throwing, they can enjoy another relationship that blossomed on their wedding day: the friendship between their grandmothers.

As Rachel told “We knew they’d be fast friends because they have very similar personalities.”

Photo by Allan Zepeda