Following a Bruins loss to the Canucks on Saturday, Milan Lucic was involved in a bit of a scuffle outside of a Vancouver nightclub, CBS Sports reported. Lucic and the unfortunate soul on the receiving end of his ire mostly just jawed back and forth as police arrived at the scene, but Lucic claimed that the man had hit him three times. I’m not sure what drunken idiot would assault a man as large as Milan Lucic, but lucky for him, the Bruin left winger didn’t get physical in return. It isn’t the first time a Boston athlete has been involved in some extracurricular verbal and physical assault. It almost begs the question, which athletes in Boston history would you want on your side in a fight? Or more accurately, which ones would you really not want to piss off? Here are 10 that come to mind.

1. Carl Everett
Izzy Alcontra kicked a catcher, Pedro threw Don Zimmer to the ground, but “Crazy Carl” was the only dude crazy enough to headbutt an umpire, make lewd sexual gestures to an opposing pitcher, fight with his own manager, get charged with aggravated assault, and outwardly not believe in dinosaurs.

2. Marty McSorley
One of the great enforcers in NHL history, McSorley was once the plow man for Wayne Gretzky and went on to be a big hitter for the Bruins, as well. McSorley was such a loose cannon that his career ended when he slashed Donal Brashear in the face, giving Brashear a grade III concussion, which led to McSorley receiving an assault charge.

3. Aaron Hernandez
Oof. No explanation needed.

4. Rodney Harrison
The former Patriots safety was awarded the NFL’s dirtiest player three years throughout his career and racked up over $200,000 in fines. If violence isn’t the answer, Harrison has also gone on to do analyst work, so perhaps he could talk the opposition down.

5. PJ Stock
At just 5-feet, 10-inches, Stock had the mind of an enforcer, and was scrappy enough to get the job done. Throughout his four seasons as a Bruin, he was celebrated for his hard-nosed playing to the point that “PJ Stock Ass Kicker” shirts became a hot commodity in Boston.

6. Tony Allen
Former Celtics guard “T.A.” may not have been the biggest guy on the court, but off the court he let people know not to mess. In 2005, he was charged with aggravated battery after breaking another man’s eye socket outside of a Chicago restaurant. In 2011, Allen even allegedly beat the crap out of his own Memphis teammate, O.J. Mayo, after Mayo wouldn’t pay up over a card game. Mayo spent the next game on the DL.

7. Jose Canseco
The former Sox slugger and “Bash Brother” wasn’t known for his violent tendencies, but he was probably so ‘roided up that the right trigger could have set this muscleman off in a bad way.

8. Stan Jonathan
Former Bruins left winger Stan Jonathan was tougher than a $2 steak, getting himself into constant skirmishes, including this one, where he bloodies Pierre Bouchard pretty good. Jonathan also served jail time after being charged with criminal negligence in 2012 for a hunting accident that killed a man.

9. Kevin Garnett/Paul Pierce
These two would make a pretty fearsome duo. Garnett, not only notable for his trash talk, intimidation, and dirty on-court play, made it very clear in 2012 interview with Craig Sager that he has been in a bar fight. Pierce, on the other hand, was stabbed 11 times and had a bottle smashed over his head in a 2000 nightclub incident and was still back on the court to start all 82 games of the 2000-01 season. Ray Allen can stay home for this one.

10. Larry Bird
He may look like a nice guy, but NBA players of his time claim that the Bud Heavy drinkin’ Larry Bird was infamous for his little on court tricks and mean trash talk. Unfortunately, he lost his most famous fight with Dr. J, but other evidence goes to show how tough the legendary 6-foot, 9-inch forward was.