Moms are all over this year’s Oscars, but while Reese Witherspoon’s mom just texted her (though so adorably), Dakota Johnson’s mom Melanie Griffith joined her daughter on the red carpet. They showed us another side of mother-daughter realness when they argued on camera. 

Just like when you went to a friend’s house in high school and stood silently by while her and her mom argued over her insane texting bill (how did we survive before unlimited?), the world was collectively uncomfortable watching Johnson and Griffith’s awkward mother-daughter moment.

Fifteen years ago, Griffith brought her daughter as her red-carpet date, but lots has changed since Johnson was 10 years old.

There were a handful of people who didn’t know that the two were related.

But when Griffith was grilled about not seeing “50 Shades of Grey,” everyone agreed that was an awkward mother-daughter moment. 

I can’t blame Griffith for not wanting to see her daughter in BDSM-flick, but maybe they should have had that fight at home.