This is Felix, a 12-year-old boy from Uganda.


Actor Jack Black recently spent time with Felix for Red Nose Day, an initiative that aims to raise money for those in poverty.

Felix, who lost his mother and never met his father, was initially living on the streets in rural Uganda, but came to the city with hopes for a better life.


When he first arrived, he dug through rubbish to find food. The 12-year-old told The School of Rock actor his biggest wish is to be in school.


“Unfathomable. Just unfathomable,” Black said. “I can’t imagine my kids going through something like that and he’s ever bit as brilliant and sharp as any kid I’ve met. So he wants an education and I think that’s not a lot to ask, so I’m hoping you’ll give as much you can.”

See Jack Black’s time with Felix below. You can also make donations to Red Nose Day here.